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Following the concept of mass production and large market, the Company optimizes production according to market demand, promotes interaction and supplementation of production advantages between enterprises and regions, and forms its own features based on safe, stable and optimized production, to create highest value for the costumers.

5 sets of new equipments with global leading technology are in place to produce advanced products and to enhance the service quality. 

Daqing Petrochemical and Lanzhou Petrochemical Companies——Product from 2 sets of new high-pressure polythene equipments win high appraisal from market

High pressure tube LUPOLEN PE—LD technology of Basell is adopted. The equipment can produce 16 products, including 9 kinds of films, 1 kind of high melt index injection material and 4 kind of EVA.

Automatic cleaning and wax removing function, minimal foul odor, suitable for the packing of sensitive products;

Few “fish eyes”, suitable for high-quality packaging films;

The products meet the requirements of FDA and can be placed in direct contact with food.

Melt index: 0.2-50g/10min, density: 0.918-0.932 g/cm3

With wide molecular-weight distribution, good processability and high transparency, the products are fundamental materials for high-quality packaging films.

Major product——high-quality general film 2420F: melt index 0.75g/10min, density: 0.923g/cm3

Major product——high-quality general agricultural film 2426H: melt index 2.0g/10min, density: 0.923g/cm3

Major product——high-transparency compound film 2436H: melt index 2.0g/10min, density: 0.924g/cm3

Jilin Petrochemical Company——Products from new high-density polythene resin equipment sold well in market

Hostalen slurry process of Basell Company is adopted. The equipment can produce 22 kinds of products.

Technical features: In the low-pressure slurry process with hexane as medium, comonomer may or may not be added. There are 4 series of catalysts, 2 series of promoters and 3 production modes: bimodal distribution, wide molecular-weight distribution and unimodal distribution. The distinct feature is the perfect integration for physical mechanical performance and processability of HDPE.

Product features: molecular weight is from 10,000 molar mass to 250,000 molar mass, and the density ranges in 0.942-0.970 g/ cm3. There are high-intensity films with bimodal distribution, blow-molded plastics with bimodal distribution and wide molecular-weight distribution, high pressure-resistance pipes with bimodal distribution, as well as injection materials and wiredrawing materials.

Major product——JHC7260: melt index 18-28g/10min  density: 0.955-0.961g/cm3

Applicable for processing of household utensils, toys, screws and thin wall products

Major product——JHM9450F: melt index 0.23-0.33g/10min  density: 0.947-0.951g/cm3

Applicable for processing of medical, commercial and agricultural films

Lanzhou Petrochemical and Daqing Petrochemical Companies——LLDPE/HDPE attracts wide users


UNIPOL PE gas-phase fluidized-bed process of Univation is adopted. Catalysts of chromium and metallocene can be used to produce products with low, middle and high density, and there are over 50 products totally.

Technical features:

Both traditional catalysts (Ziegler-Natta, chromium) and new catalysts (metallocene) can be used to produce polythene with any density (low, middle and high).

Product features:

The distribution of molecular weight is from narrow to wide, and the melt index is also from low to high. The products can be applied in films (blown film, cast film), extrusion pipes, injection, rotomolding, wires and cables.    The unique products include the LLDPE films of hexene copolymerization, metallocene-LLDPE films, and middle-density pipe materials.

8 sets of optimized equipments with different features can provide various traditional products with great market influence.

Daqing Petrochemical Company——high pressure polyethylene equipment characterized by films

Imhausen patent of Germany is adopted. The equipment can produce 12 polythene products of homomerization and copolymerization. Of those, 9 are introduced by contract account and 3 are newly developed products.

Major product——18D: melt index 1.10~1.90 g/10min density: 0.9172~0.9208g/cm3

Applicable for agricultural films, general films and packaging films

Major product——18E: melt index 1.70~2.30 g/10min density: 0.9177~0.9207g/cm3

Injection molding material, applicable for the production of injection molding products and small hollow containers

Major product——18D0: melt index 1.10~1.90 g/10min density: 0.9172~0.9208g/cm3

Special material for coating, applicable for processing coating products and foaming products

Daqing Petrochemical Company——High density polyethylene equipment wins Top Product Awards in China

There are A, B, and C production lines in HDPE equipment, all of which adopt the slurry process.

Major product——5000S(National gold medal award)

Melt index: 0.80-1.1 g/10min density: 0.949-0.953g/cm3

Used in extruding products, such as fishnet mesh, rope, ribbon and binding belt.

Major product——5300B(National silver medal award) melt index 0.15-0.55g/10min density: 0.948-0.954g/cm3

Applicable for the production of small hollow containers

Major product——1600J (National silver medal award) melt index 16-24g/10min density: 0.952-0.956g/cm3

Applicable for processing of household utensils, toys, screws and thin wall products

Major product——2200J (National silver medal award) melt index 4.5-6.5g/10min density: 0.962-0.966g/cm3

Injection molding products, applicable for the production of industrial packing boxes, fruit collection boxes, fish baskets, document boxes and bathtubs

Major product——5300E (National silver medal award) melt index 0.64-1.00g/10min density: 0.949-0.955g/cm3

Extruding products, applicable for insulating materials of communication cables and overhead cables, and fundamental insulating materials for high speed communication cables 
Daqing Petrochemical Company——LLDPE equipment characterized by daily necessities

Based on ionic polymerization mechanism, the equipment produces grain or powder LDPE by adopting titanium or chromium catalysts. It can produce 29 homopolymerization and copolymerization products.

Major product——7042: melt index 1.7-2.3g/10min density: 0.918-0.922g/cm3

Blowing film materials, applicable for the production of packing films for daily goods, agricultural films, and lining bags

Major product——7047: melt index 0.8-1.2g/10min density: 0.918-0.922g/cm3

Blowing film materials, applicable for packaging films of daily necessities, agricultural shed films, coating, lining bags and food package bags

Fushun Petrochemical Company——LLDPE equipment characterized by hollow materials and pipes

It is the first set of production equipment in China with solution polymerization process, which adopts the Sclairtech patent technology of Canadian Du Pont Company. Ziegler catalysts polymerize in line with the mechanism of coordination anionic copolymerization. The equipment has high flexibility, short reaction time, simple and fast product alternation and high quality. In particular, there are diversified products: films, blow molding materials, pipes, pipe coating resins, wires, cable materials, rotary forging materials, oriented belts and monofilaments as well as other extrusion molding products. There are totally 129 kinds of products.

Major product——2908: used in circulation box and tray: melt index 6.5-9.5g/10min density: ≥0.954g/cm3

Major product——2911: used in thin plastic container: melt index 17-23g/10min density: ≥0.954g/cm3

Jilin Petrochemical Company——LLDPE equipment characterized by stable processing performance

The equipment, adopting UNIPOL technology, is characterized by short technical process, few components, small floor area, low investment and operating cost, stable and flexible performance. The equipment has high economic returns and security without any pollution in the whole process. The equipment can produce 108 kinds of products such as film materials, rotary plastics, blowing plastics, injection plastics, pipe materials and threads and insulating sheaths.

Major product——7042: general film material  melt index 1.7-2.3g/10min density: 0.918-0.922g/cm3

Major product——7047: general film material   melt index 0.7-1.3g/10min density: 0.916-0.920g/cm3

Lanzhou Petrochemical Company——LLDPE equipment characterized by high impact resistance

The equipment, adopting gas phase fluidized bed technology of British BP, can produce 16 kinds of products such as LLDPE and HDPE series.

Major products of the equipment after putting into production:

Major product——5000S: melt index 0.62-1.3 g/10min density: 0.948-0.954g/cm3

With high mechanical strength, it is applicable for the production of ropes and net monofilaments as well as hollow products and pipes

Major product——60550: melt index 6.0-9.0g/10min density: 0.955-0.959g/cm3

It is applicable for injection molding basket, box and toys.  The quality is equivalent to DMDS7006 product of UCC Company, US.

Major product——5200B: melt index 0.25-0.45g/10min density: 0.961-0.965g/cm3

Applicable for industrial containers and fishery floaters with high impact resistance


Liaoyang Petrochemical Company——HDPE equipment characterized by chlorate polythene material

The equipment adopts the slurry process, and uses the high efficient Ziegler—Natta catalyst with the carrier of ethoxy. Various products with wide application are produced by the equipment, including 12 products of injection molding, blow molding and extrusion molding.

Major product—— Chlorate polythene material L0555P: melt index 0.4-0.6 g/10min density: 0.950-0.955g/cm3

Major product—— Chlorate polythene material L2053P: melt index 1.6-2.4 g/10min density: 0.953-0.958g/cm3

Highly competitive products are developed based on market demand.

Major product—— Chlorate polythene material L0860P: melt index 0.6-1.0g/10min   density: 0.955-0.960g/cm3

The second generation of L0860P for the production of modified molding chlorate polythene and 1260P for the production of rubber chlorate polythene won high appraisal from market.

Dushanzi Petrochemical Company——Polythene equipment characterized by advanced DSC control system

The equipment, adopting the patent of British BP, has a designed capacity of 180,000t/y. Due to the long and complex process with many facilities and operation difficulties, advanced DCS control system is integrated into the equipment. After expansion, the capacity of the equipment has increased to 220,000t/y, and the 50 new kinds of products are added including high density film materials, pipe materials and blow molding containers.

Major product——HD6070EA: melt index 5.5-9.5g/10min density: 0.954-0.964g/cm3

Mainly used in hard objects, such as crate, circulation box, basket, chair and tray.

Major product——HD6070EA: melt index 6.0-9.0g/10min density: 0.954-0.964g/cm3

Suitable for the production of packaging films, agricultural films, stretching films, agricultural shed films, portable bags, construction reels and co-extrusion films, and also applicable for the improvement of LDPE performance by blending.