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Chinese famous-brand product——ABS resin
ABS 0215A 2004 of Jilin Petrochemical Company was awarded as the “Chinese famous-brand product” 

Major Product——ABS 0215A:Notched impact strength≥170J/m Melt index(220℃,10kg)≥16g/10min 

It is widely used in household electric appliances, building materials and light industry. 

Major Product——ABS 0505A:Notched impact strength≥150J/m Melt index≥18g/10min

With high processing performance, it is applied in washing machines, drinking machines and small-size household electric appliances.

Thermoplastic ABS synthetic resin of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company is characterized by good impact strength, high temperature and chemical resistance, as well as easy forming and processing performance, and is widely used in household electric appliances, electronics, vehicles, light industry and building materials.

Major Product——ABS301:Notched impact strength≥175J/m Melt index(200℃,5kg)≥1.3-2.3g/10min

With strong toughness, it is applied in pipes and helmets

Major Product——ABS 301W:Notched impact strength≥160J/m Melt index(200℃,5kg)≥1.5-3.0g/10min

It is widely used in household electric appliances, building materials and light industry.

Top product in national acrylon industry——Acrylon of Daqing Petrochemical Company 

In 2005, it was awarded as “Nationwide Customer Satisfaction Product”

The product with high shrinkage, high bulk, high coloration, anti-pilling, anti-static features is widely used in the production of wool-like (leather-like) fabric. The downstream products are sold to 37 countries and regions.

PetroChina’s Signature Products ——NBR and EPR

In 2004, the synthetic rubber was awarded the title of “Stable Qualified Product in State Quality Inspection”

Lanzhou Petrochemical Company is the earliest company to produce NBR. It is characterized by fine oil and solvent resistance, low temperature resistance and wear resistance as well as modified resin, which is very popular among consumers. EPR of Jilin Petrochemical Company is the unique product of PetroChina. It has high aging-resistance properties such as ozone, temperature and weather resistance, as well as fine chemical resistance, electric insulation, impact elasticity, low temperature performance, low density, high filling property, hot water and water vapor resistance, which can be widely applied in automobile components, water-proof building materials, wire and cable sheaths, heat-resistance rubber tubes, tapes and automobile sealing elements.

Rubber products of Jilin Petrochemical Company

Major product——SBR1500:Mooney viscosity 44-60 Tensile strength ≥21.1MPa

Major product——SBR1502:Mooney viscosity 44-56 Tensile strength ≥24.5MPa

Rubber products of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company

Major product——SBR1702:Mooney viscosity 44-58 Tensile strength ≥17.3MPa

Rubber products of Dushanzi Petrochemical Company

Major product——BR9000:Mooney viscosity 44-46 Tensile strength ≥15MPa

It is used in tyres, rubber tubes, tapes, rubber shoes, rubber fabrics and other rubber products.

Products with largest domestic market share——Adipic acid

The production ranks eighth in the world, second in Asia and first in China.

In China, the product market share accounts for over 50%.

Reaction of adipic acid and binary alcohol in high temperature can produce polyester polyol with different properties. Polyester polyol is the fundamental raw material of poly urethane (an important engineering resin and elastomer) for producing leather-like products.

It has met the quality standards of Invista Company in the US (the largest supplier in the world) and Rhodia Company in France.

Product from the largest organic silicon equipment in China ——Methyl cyclosiloxane

The methyl cyclosiloxane produced by organic silicon equipment of Jilin Petrochemical Company is used in the production of downstream high-temperature adhesive and ambient-temperature adhesive, and is also widely applied in the production of special cables, lightning arresters, and computer keys. Ambient-temperature adhesive can also be used to produce body coupler.

Oilfield chemical with largest global production——PAM

PAM of Daqing Refining and Chemical Company is widely used and PetroChina focuses its efforts on developing PAM with salt resistance and HMW for the TOR.

Most cost-effective product in China——Polyester bottle flake

The production line of polyester bottle flake in Liaoyang Petrochemical Company ensures low aldehyde, high luminance and fine transparency, with the stable material supply and proper process. The product gains strong competitiveness in cost by integration of refining and chemical.

Synthetic cleaning raw material with largest production in Asia——Alkyl benzene

The production in Fushun Petrochemical Company accounts for 44.9% of national total. Alkyl benzene is the fundamental material for the production of surface active agents and synthetic detergents, which are sold to Europe, US and various countries in Asia.