As a leading producer and supplier of petroleum and petrochemical products in China, PetroChina continues to optimize its product structure and improve its product quality, while upholding the principle of pursuing integrity and excellence in quality control. We endeavor to enhance quality management continuously by focusing on the formulating, development and revision of standards, supervision and inspection, and nurturing a culture of quality, in order to provide customers with clean, high-quality and diversified products and services.

Product Quality and Safety

We provide consumers with products that meet legal requirements and standards with a high sense of responsibility. In the process of product supply, we comprehensively consider its impact on the consumers and ensure the product quality and safety. We strengthen product quality inspections, and conduct inspections over raw materials, intermediate products and end products. Especially, the manufactured products must be inspected before they are allowed to leave the factory. In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the inspection data, we persist in regularly conducting verification and calibration of instruments and equipment in accordance with the requirements. We attach great importance to communication with customers, inform them in detail of the performance and physical and chemical indicators of products, and formulate strict procedures for products that need to be recycled to prevent adverse effects on the environment.

Consumers' Rights and Interests

We strictly abide by such applicable laws, regulations and international standards relating to advertisements, labelling and privacy of products and services as the Law of the People's Republic of China on Protection of Consumers' Rights and Interests and the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection. The Company established customer data management rules and acted in strict accordance with the rules in the management and use of customer data, so as to protect security and privacy of consumer data.

Adhering to the customer-centric philosophy, PetroChina has been continuously strengthening its service awareness, and properly handling customer complaints by improving customer service standards, unifying customer service processes, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Moreover, the company carries out inspections and rectification to service stations receiving more consumer complaints from the customer center to improve service quality.

Value-added Service

For customer satisfaction, we work hard to improve our service network and its functions. We have been making every effort to expand the operation scope of our service stations, promote digital retailing, and build and innovate comprehensive stations serving "people, cars and life".